Project Exam 2: Done!

7 Jun

Finally done with my portfolio’s redesign. Check it here:

Technical details:

1. Powered by WordPress.
2. Valid HTML5.

I hope you like it guys! 🙂


Project Exam 2: Old and New Portfolio Designs

27 May

Here are the old and new designs of my portfolio:

Old design 1 (Front page)

Old design 2 (Blog page)

New design 1 (Front page)

New design 2 (Blog page)

I will launch the design (for debugging and survey) once I’m done with the final touches. 🙂

Project Exam 2: Old and New Logo

11 May

Here’s the old and new logo of Charles Ravndal.

Old logo

New logo

The new logo is more modern and compact with clean lines. It’s simple yet it packs a wallop! Plus, the raven takes the symbol of C in Charles. 🙂

Project Exam 2: Redesign

10 May

My project exam for this term is a redesign of my portfolio, Charles Ravndal.

The redesign will be massive and it entails a new logo as well as a new style (a modernised Art Deco) to name a few. I’m really stoked to start this project! 🙂

Obligatorisk oppgave 08: The Full Flash Website

21 Mar

I’m proud to present the flash website of Seraphic Theory:

Seraphic Theory

Now, it’s time for the hard part – report writing!

That’s all for now! 🙂

Obligatorisk oppgave 08: The Visual Opener

3 Mar

I am finally done with my vignett/title sequence in a form of visual opener (similar to opening sequences found in video games like Final Fantasy or other Japanese RPGs) for my upcoming book, Seraphic Theory (working title). The end result somehow diverted from the storyboard because I found out it didn’t really work out with the accompanying text.

The visual opener’s purpose is to pique the readers’ interest through a visual stimulation before delving into the full story. It also functions as a teaser by whetting their imagination’s appetite as well as increasing the hype and expectation of my book.

Now, I’m going to start making the interactive website. This is so fun!

That’s all for now. 🙂

Obligatorisk oppgave 08: Storyboard and Draft

22 Feb

Here’s the storyboard of my vignett:


And here’s a draft I made using After Effects:

That’s all for now! 🙂